1.  Are you the only photographer in this company? Am I guaranteed that you will be the one showing up to shoot my wedding? Can I get that in writing?

I am the main wedding photographer in this company. Unless I am extremely ill or there is an emergency, I will be the one showing up to photograph your wedding.  Everything is in writing.

2.  Is the work that I am seeing all yours and only yours or is it a compilation of work from more than one photographer? 

All work is mine, not a compilation of other photographers work.

3.     Can you show me 3 or more complete weddings you've done?

Yes. Weddings are currently online to view. More will be very soon.

4.     Do you offer traditional wedding photography? Photojournalism? Or both?


5.    Is color and B/W photography included or is there an extra fee for B/W?

I shoot all color. Color can be made into B/W or browntone afterwards at no extra fee.

6.  Do you offer hand coloring for B/Ws, digital coloring for B/Ws? If so, are these services included in your packages or do you charge a fee for these?

I only offer digital coloring at $60 per hour in 1/2 hour increments. No hand coloring.

7.  Is unlimited coverage included in your packages or is there an extra fee for all day coverage? Are you willing to come extra early           to get shots of us (the couple) before the ceremony if we choose to do that? Would there be a fee for this?

Packages are between 2 to 8 hours. Extra hours are $200 per hour. Unlimited locations are included within your chosen packages hours.

8.  Do your packages include one for two photographers and is there an extra fee for a second photographer?

Most packages include 1 photographer. An extra photographer would be an additional $500.

9.  Do you work with an assistant?

Sometimes. The cost is $500 for an additional assistant/photographer.

10. How many and what kind of cameras do you use? (Do you have backup equipment if something breaks?) Do you use film based              or digital cameras or a combination of both?

I use high resolution 12-34 megapixel Nikon digital cameras. I shoot only digital. I always come with backup equipment.

11. How far will you travel to a wedding before charging a travel fee?

I will travel by car about 3 hours total before there is a need for an overnight stay. If a wedding requires overnight travel, client is responsible for all travel costs including airfare, hotels, and car rentals. In addition there will be a $200 per day charge for each day of travel to cover meals, parking, tolls, taxes, fuel and other miscellaneous expenses. A $50/hour driving charge will be imposed to areas further than a 1 hour drive from the Wilmington, Delaware area. Travel costs are due 1 month prior to wedding date. The 8 Hour (Z1230) package is required for overnight travel.

12. Do you charge a fee if the wedding and reception are in more than one location? What if we want to go to a third location for pictures? Is there a charge for this?

Packages are priced according to coverage hours.  As long as locations are within the agreed upon hours you are fine.

13. Do you offer a website of my images for online viewing and purchasing? If so, is this included in the packages?

Yes. Website posting of the images is included in all packages.

14. Do you offer only traditional albums or do you have a wide variety of options to choose from including any coffee table style books?

I offer only flush magazine style albums.

15. How long will it be before my final album is delivered?

Album design may take up to 4 weeks to complete.  Once the album order is placed, final album production may take up to 12 weeks to fulfill.  Customers are not required to order albums through Pat Crowe Photography.

16. How many images will I recieve?

I generally deliver 750 - 950 edited digital images from photographing a complete wedding and reception.  Less for just photographing the              ceremony alone.

17. Who owns the images?

All images will be delivered to the customer 6 months after the wedding date on DVD. All outstanding balances must be paid in full  The customer will have complete ownership at that time.

18. How long after the wedding will my images and proofs be available for viewing on the Internet?

It depends on whether it’s a busy time of year for weddings.  Generally expect on 3-6 weeks due to the large amount of images taken and the amount of image editing involved.

19. Do you offer retouching services?

Yes, Major digital retouching (opening of eyes, major fly-away hair etc.) is offered at $60 per hour in 1/2 hour increments. Minor digital retouching (dust, redeye, minor fly-away hair) is included in all packages. No hand retouching on individual prints is offered.

20. Does the DVD movie play on a Macintosh computer and does the DVD of high resolution images autoplay?

No the DVD movie only plays on a Windows computer.  A Macinstosh computer can play the DVD if it has Virtual PC installed.  No the DVD of images does not autoplay.  It simply contains all of the high resolution jpeg digital images which can be opened in any photo program and printed.

21. What if you are sick the day of the wedding?

A trusted and highly skilled photographer would photograph your wedding.  Sickness has never stopped me from photographing a wedding.

22. How  do I reserve my wedding date and submit payment?

Upon signing of contract, customer agrees to pay a downpayment of $1000. Of the $1000 downpayment, $500 is a non-refundable retainer which is applied towards the Wedding Photography Fee. This retainer locks in the date of the wedding. If corresponding by mail, please include $1000 retainer/downpayment with contract. Any remaining balance is due the day of the wedding or sooner.  Clients may choose to be on a flexible monthly payment plan or to pay via Visa/Mastercard. If the wedding is postponed or cancelled, all monies minus the $500 non-refund able retainer will be returned. If a wedding should be cancelled or postponed, the non-refundable retainer can be applied toward a future wedding or event.  There is no chance of loosing any part of your downpayment.